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If you have any information about any of the people in the family lists please me with anything that you know that I could add to the family history.

Click on the Link below to go to the Surname lists - This is split between "Family Surname" Lists where there are a lot of people with the same surname and individual surnames.

Click on the Surname link to go to the name list for that surname or if the name is in the list below

Click on Parent if you want to see the family tree with that person as a parent

Click on Child to see the family tree with that person as a child

Click on Life if you want to see a quick biography of the person

When you get into a "tree" click on the arrow up to go up a generation

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If a name is highlighted you can go to a page with a bit of background on that person

There are also some links to Census returns and certificates which give a bit more background on the families and where they lived

Just have some fun as you go up and down the family lines and read a bit about the family - and please, please, please if you do have anything that you can add let me know as I would like this to be a bit more than just a list of names and dates

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